What is a shootout?  See video below.

How is my place in the ladder determined?

Answer:  Click on this link Understanding Shootout Rankings  and see the video below for an update on how shootout percentages are calculated.

New Player Movement Explained

New players have been starting on court/level 4.  It was noted that players moved up one or even two courts after their first shootout, regardless of their results.  This is occurring because players on court 4 might have a lower ranking (Level 6 or 7).  The new player may have done poorly but moved up because they started at level 4 and would still outrank a level 6 or 7 player.  This should NOT be the case.

New ownership of PickleballDen (PD) was thankful that this issue was brought to their attention and stated they intend to unveil a new shootout program soon.  They have asked BCPC to serve as a test group before it is officially launched.  The current shootout program was designed to accommodate very large groups, which explains how we have had players on court/levels 5-8 even though we only had 4 courts.  PD plans to develop a new shootout program that will allow managers to determine how many courts/levels.  The new program will also ensure no player can move up or down more than one court.