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    Frequently Asked Questions

Answer:   Go to PickleballDen.  Click "account" then see “Notifications”.  Be sure "I want to receive club emails" is checked.  Also, check your spam folder.  If you find a club email there, mark it, “Not Spam.”

Answer:  There are three levels of play on Pickleball Den.  "Social play" is for players new to the game or players looking for a relaxed play atmosphere.  "Intermediate play" is for more experienced players looking for more competitive play.  "Advanced play" is for highly skilled players seeking the most competitive play possible.  "Open play" is for all players regardless of ability level.

Answer:  YES!  Eyes are the most vulnerable place on the body in pickleball.  Deflected balls from your own partner are creating many serious eye injuries.  The risk of injuries to the eyes increases with higher levels of play.  More and more pros are wearing eye protection now.

Answer:  Yes but after 5 sessions they need to become a member.

Answer:  This is an opportunity for a group of friends to play in a private group.  Only one person needs to sign up to reserve the court.  This person can invite however many players they wish to join.  Some people will add "+3 or +4" or type the names of the other players in the note section under their name.

Answer:  Anyone can play at the YMCA without being a member of the club (Call the Y for times).  Garfield Park in Altoona is open to the public daily from Noon to 4 pm or anytime pending court availability.  Call 814-949-2231 for the lock combination.  Hamilton Park in Altoona is open to the public anytime.

Answer:  Yes!  From June 19 - July 10 a class will be offered at Garfield Park each Wednesday from 6 - 8 pm.  During indoor season, the second week of every month a free one hour class is offered.  Paddles are provided. See the calendar in the "About" tab or email the club for the time and location.

Answer:  Yes and most fitness plans offered by insurance companies too.