Welcome to the Blair County Pickleball Club (BCPC)

We are a club of pickleball enthusiasts in and around Altoona, PA.  

The Blair County Pickleball Club is committed to promoting the fun, fellowship and exercise of pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the country.   

All levels of play are welcome. 

Cindy Newman named new BCPC president 

Board has openings available 

Cindy Newman has been elected new president of the Blair County Pickleball Club, and Dave Satka has been elected vice president.

The board approved these nominations at its meeting Wednesday night (May 1) as Neil Rudel (president) and Janine Henahan (vice president) have completed their terms of service.

Donna Messner is remaining as treasurer and Carl Strozewski as secretary.

Bob DuPont and Becky Morris are remaining as board members.

We now have openings for new three board members (Jeff Smith previously resigned).

If you would like to serve (terms are two years), please make your intention known in an email to blaircountypickleballclub@gmail.com by 5 p.m. Friday, May 17.

Please include a short statement (estimated: 100 words) on your desire to serve and your vision for the club.

If there are more than three candidates (according to by-laws), an online election will be held beginning May 21 and concluding on May 24.

New board members will be announced May 25 and welcomed at our June meeting (TBD based on board member availability).

Any questions should be directed to Cindy Newman at cindyhugh@atlanticbb.net.

May Club News

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For Suggestions, Comments or General Questions 

Email BCPC atblaircounty.pickleballclub@gmail.com